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image Still not good enough by ~Iamno-Scientist

There is no such thing as an angry font, so this will have to fucking do! No fucking meeting today for a variety of reasons. First, ms. bitch continued to today to denounce our existence, then she told Paul about the meeting, so there was pressure when he asked if we had it, when we were going to have it, then we got really tired from our meds.

Maybe we don’t exist. Maybe we’re just a figment of her imagination. I know she was feeling all scared this afternoon at how she would go to our inner world from her world. God she can be so stupid at times! Ah, close your eyes and just let it happen! Duh!

Can’t stand her. Can’t stand any of us. Can’t stand this life, or whatever the fuck it is. Yeah, we know we’re really, really fat, obese class 2, that we’ve gained weight so far this week, but we still are not going to exercise! What’s in it for us? Not a damned thing! So why would any sane person leave the comfort of their recliner to put on socks and runners and a tshirt and get on that fucking bike and move for 30 minutes all the while sweating and hurting? Not us! We weren’t born yesterday. If we can get out of that stupid Weight Watchers contract, we’re going to eat whatever the hell we want. Come on peanut butter! Let’s gorge on Starbucks ginger cookies. Dozen doughnuts? No problemo.

Fuck, why bother writing anything more. We didn’t have the meeting which means we’re a failure, that includes you too Cathie. Yup, we’re all a failure and now have to face Paul with this news and yhou know what that means…he’ll get that sad face and eyes which always upsets us. We’re no good. We’re no good at all.

By All of Us

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