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"This is how we feel right now."This is how we feel right now.

We are so happy ‘cause we found this program where we can make our words look how we want them to.

So, we got our blog reset up after she deleted our previous one. What made us mad is that she copied everything she wrote, but didn’t copy what we wrote. She just went ahead and deleted our one post.


She says it was an accident, but we don’t believe her. So she wanted to do this journaling in Word, but we didn’t like it, so we wrote nothing. Last night she got it through her thick skull that that maybe we want to have a blog after all – duh!

It is now 9:30 in the morning and we still have not gone to bed from yesterday. We hate to sleep in the night. But now we feel horrible because we’ve only been having a little bit of sleep each day. We’re real tired. Our head is hurting. Our eyeballs hurts. Guess we will go to bed. Well first we’re going to have some oatmeal.

That’s all we want to write. The main thing was that we were the first to post. We beat her! Huh!

By The Others, with some main words from Priscilla

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